Idenfo is a complete KYC Solution

All-in-One Digital Platform

Digital ID verification



Idenfo provides a User-friendly, Technologically Advanced and Affordable solution
to solve key KYC challenges that the digital world is facing.

Superior Digital Onboarding

User-friendly & intuitive
customer experience

OCR for easier & accurate
data capture.

Multi-factor Authentication

Risk-based Periodic Screening

Periodic checks & alert generation Customisable review frequency,
based on risk rating

Path-breaking Fraud
Detection Technology

Biometric facial recognition, liveness
check using RNN based deep learning

Machine Learning-driven identity
document automatic capture

Above & Beyond Financial
Crime Checks

Variable customer risk rating
factors, with no limits

Sanction, PEP and negative list
screening using proprietary fuzzy
logic to minimize false positives

Watch our platform in action

There’s a lot to cover regarding our system,

Take a deep-dive into our AML system and its capabilities
by downloading our FREE booklet

Idenfo focuses on FOUR key design principles,
driven by a customer-focused lens

Intuitive & Frictionless

Idenfo runs in the background, silently, while
clients enjoy your brand and services at the front.

We strive to ensure that 90% of the customers never know that Idenfo is running in the background.

Always on-record

Gone are the days of paper trails and physical files.

We provide digital audit trails, that last forever and help you focus on your clients without worrying about paperwork and audits.

Efficient & Fast Integration

Where other platforms/services take years to integrate, we take months - Where they take months, we take days. We integrate quickly and efficiently.

Complex Technology at the Core

We manage all the complexity at the back. Our proprietary algorithms and Artifical Intelligence does all the hard work, while the customer has the smoothest of journeys.


Integrated onboarding with comprehensive data model enabling seamless integration
Full suite of built-in reports and charts to enable both macro and micro MI review as well as meeting regulatory requirements
Built in tools to aid AML investigations across all name screening, risk rating and document verification functions
Platform-as-a-Service with the entire stack available via the Cloud or as an on-premises solution
Full training provided as part of consultancy service to ensure solution fits into wider bank AML processes
Highly sophisticated configuration engine enabling institutions to create bespoke and flexible risk-based approach
Full alignment with latest global and national regulations to ensure compliance
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