RegTech’s Role in Fintech and the Payment Ecosystem

The current era of RegTech and Fintech is moving fast. Most recently this space is being characterised by an increasing monetisation of data and a greater reliance on digital identity. Given the corresponding enormous changes brought about by AI, IoT and Big Data, the regulatory framework will need to keep pace and evolve alongside this technological enablement.

In this webinar organised by OPEN Worldwide (a worldwide networking group for overseas Pakistani professionals in leadership roles), a panel of leading RegTech experts discuss how the financial services industry can expect to see changes in the following areas –

  • Digital onboarding and KYC
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Cross border payments
  • Future role of AI and automation

The panel is composed of Idenfo’s own Syed Hassan Abbas together with Muhammad Rashid from Jingle Pay, Ather Rizvi from Global Identity Management Co and Meharyab Niazi from PPS.

Please click on the video below to watch the insightful discussion on RegTech’s role in FinTech and the payment ecosystem.